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this member was last online:7/18/2016 11:19:39 PM
this member joined: 5/9/2015 6:43:14 PM
mistress dominatrix
age: 54

location(s): I am. 100 miles from London. I plan to move to London soon. Available to travel up to 120 miles

enjoys: Femming
Cross Dressing
Being Spanked OTK
Childlike slapping
Handbag carrying in public
Public Skirt hem holding
Public Humiliation
Humiliation by more than one female
Tongue worship - pussy
Feet,stockings, heels worship
Tit suckling
Small cock humiliation
Being one of the girls
Collar and Leash
Face sitting
Face slapping
Female witnesses in all
Strap on suckling
Multiple female service
Toilet duties
Auntie age play
Ankle Chains
Pet parading
Domestic Duties Loaning
Pamper dutes
Water sports
Butt Plugs

self description:
I am a sissy boy who would be pleased to be assessed for you for training and service ...I am very submissive, educated, domesticated and knows how to behave like a good girlie bitch....

I am happy to bend and hoist my skirts for punishment and use...and pleased to be humiliated and used to assist appreciation of Ma'am's status and controlling image... I am flaccid and controlled.... Have no sexual self focus and am dedicated to personal care,toilet duties and tongue service as demanded... I have social graces, life skills to assist Mistress and am keen to be exploited to make Ma'am's life better...

I would be pleased to meet initially and safely in a suitable social place in to be reviewed, roundly scolded and considered......

This sissy accepts it is confused with a mind run sexuality. It has a sharp sharp fantasy which it tries to bring ever so slightly to life. It is so motivated by Strict bossy Ladies - Dommes and everyday Aunties or a bossy strict stepsister. All would seem to be 'a must' to this worshipper of Females.

It could be said to be a soft wimpy sensitive 'male lesbian', femme, excitable and gentle.
A 'male lesbian', in that in its mind it identifies as a femme submissive male who adores Women and wishes to submit to Women in all respects - uniquely so.

It really does enjoy thrive on its very submissive feminine side, adores silky stockings and lingerie,lipsticks , the tight control of girdles and pencil skirts, the subtle bondage of high heels, and the hot, humiliating burn of a good OTK spanking over a Ladies knee... watched by mocking Ladies as it is chastised and used as a humble wimpy entertainment at perhaps a Strict Ladies' social gathering or party.

It is so in love with the Feminine that it wishes to emulate 'girlies' in all ways

It's limits are pathetically low is wimpy and can only at this time take very low level girlie level chastisement and use but it needs and hopes to be trained even if eventually sold on as a serving bitch one day.


sissycool seeks : real time domination

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